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About / CV for Robert Poggie
About / CV for Robert Poggie
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Robert A. Poggie, PhD
President, BioVera, Inc.

BioVera was founded by Robert (Bob) Poggie. Beginning in 1989 while working on his doctorate in Materials Science & Engineering at Vanderbilt University, Bob has been engaged in applied research, development, clinical evaluation, regulatory affairs, and commercialization of orthopaedic implants and novel biomaterials. Since itís founding in 2008, BioVera has been providing technical and regulatory consulting services to companies, individuals, and institutions regarding orthopaedic devices and biomaterials.

Before founding BioVera, Bob served as the Director of Global Brand Management for Zimmer Trabecular Metal Technology, Inc. The orthopaedic implant products he was responsible for saw rapid growth. He facilitated the productsí technical market positioning and served as the brand management liaison to Zimmer headquarters. Bob coordinated the publication of several clinical studies of orthopedic implants, surgical protocols, and product literature. He wrote the FDA and international submissions that resulted in numerous regulatory clearances for spinal, hip, knee, and shoulder products. He also created the education and training materials for prospective surgeon users and the companyís sales associates.

Prior to Zimmer, Bob was Director of Applied Research for Implex Corp. Implex brought a novel biomaterial (Hedrocel, which is also Zimmerís Trabecular Metal) into reality through coordinated testing, animal studies, and human clinical studies. Bob managed the research, the lab and university testing, and the worldwide regulatory clearances of all the orthopedic products. He initiated and managed several FDA regulated investigational studies, which included the recruitment of surgeon investigators, clinical site data compilation, and publication results.

Prior to his tenure at Implex, Bob was a senior research engineer for Smith & Nephew. He was responsible for metallurgical and tribological research, and contributed to the development of biomaterials such as Oxinium bearing surfaces for hip and knee devices.

Bob has published numerous peer reviewed papers and presented globally as invited faculty at numerous medical conferences and education courses. He is a member of several professional engineering and medical societies. Bob holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering and MS and PhD degrees in Materials Science & Engineering, all from Vanderbilt University.

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